Delta Champions

Celebrating Delta Champions Since 2022

Delta Leadership Foundation recognizes Delta Champions in the following categories:

Delta Preserver – Achievement in historical or environmental preservation

Delta Promoter – Achievement in tourism, agriculture, education, commerce, and/or the arts

Delta Improver – Achievement in Delta health, community, and/or quality of life

Delta Lifetime Achievement – Lifetime achievement in preservation, protection and promotion of the Delta

Delta Legacy Family – A family that has contributed to the Delta for at least 100 years through multi-generational professional and volunteer activities that have enhanced the quality of life of the region.

To nominate a Delta Champion for recognition at the September 18, 2024 awards dinner, please submit a brief nomination with the nominee’s name and contact information, the category nominated, and information to support the nomination. Please submit to [email protected] by July 19, 2024. Nominators and awardees will be notified by early August.

2023 Delta Champion Awardees

Left to right: Suzanne Black and Jean Yokotobi (Isleton Chamber of Commerce) – Delta Innovator; Dante Nomellini Jr. and Thomas Zuckerman – Delta Lifetime Achievement; Chantelle Leighton (daughter of posthumous awardee Kathy Leighton) – Delta Preserver; Rich Turner – Delta Promoter; Don Nottoli – Delta Improver

2022 Delta Champion Awardees

left to right: Brady Whitlow (son-in-law of posthumous awardee Dino Cortopassi – Delta Preserver); Tom Surh of RioVision – Delta Innovator; Dr. Henry Go – Delta Lifetime Achievement; Trevor Carlson (grandson of posthumous awardee Dino Cortopassi – Delta Preserver); Barbara Barrigan-Parilla of Restore the Delta – Delta Improver; Bill Wells – Delta Promoter